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Another hilarious Spring Children’s Production is in the works for Pumpjack Players


Though it seems hard to imagine now, as we sit in the cold of winter, but spring isn’t too far off.  To prove it, the Whitecourt Drama Society, Pumpjack Players, held auditions at the Forest Interpretive Centre for their annual Spring Children’s Production, which takes place in May.

Held over two days, January 12-13, the auditions were open to children aged 8-18.  Each year, the crew at Pumpjack put together a fantastic show and share their love of drama with local children.  It was evident that this year’s show is set to be another side-splitter, as one by one, children entered the audition space and laughed as they read parts of the script.

“Basically, it’s fairy tales in the law and order universe. So, you have two detectives and ultimately, they are trying to figure out who destroyed the three little pigs house.  They have to go through fairy tales which are, of course, completely messed up” laughed Tara.  “I try to pick plays that have the largest casts so that I can use the most kids and am not turning people away.  I mean, eventually it does happen because sometimes dates don’t work with other after-school activities.  We can’t take away from another activity to bring kids here.  That’s not fair to the activity that they already signed up for.”

Up to 43 kids can be utilized in the play, which is great for organizers, especially with so many children trying out.  On the first day of try outs, 26 children tried out, and another sizable chunk tried out the next day too.  Tara Bartsch and Billie-Jo House, are sharing duties as co-producer and co-director, Lani Burzinski, has joined on as a consultant and Xander Archambault, makes his debut behind the scenes as a stage manager.  Xander has been acting with Pumpjack for four years and is looking forward to trying out a new role.

In order to run, Pumpjack needs support from the community.  Along with costumes and props for the set, the biggest help comes in the form of manpower.  One of the strangest items they need this year is a Pinocchio nose.  “We can’t do this without people.  The more people we have, the more plays we can do.  If we keep getting no help, then this could be the last play.  All those kids out there, what are they going to do next year if there’s no show?  We can’t keep doing double and triple roles.  As much as we love doing this and working with the kids, we do definitely need the help.” said Tara.

Do you have a child that is interested in working within production, with lights and sound?  Pumpjack might have just the thing for you!  “If you want to come and learn how to do the lights and the sound, our technician, Devon, is looking to train kids so that they can start doing it” said Tara.

To help fill a void and support a fantastic local organization, visit their site, or join their Facebook page Pumpjack Players – Whitecourt Drama Society.  Don’t’ forget to keep watch for when tickets for on sale in a couple months.

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