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They’re gouging us at the pumps again

Dear Editor, First, let me explain how supply and demand works: If supply is up and demand doesn’t change, the price drops. If supply is down and demand doesn’t change, the price increases. Similarly, if demand is down and supply is unchanged, the price drops, and if demand is up and supply is unchanged the […]

Dear Editor,

    Just iterating… Too hot, too cold, global warming, coming ice age… facts or fakes? I encountered the word pollution first in the early 1 970s while helping to clean up the English Bay beach in Vancouver, BC of the first big oil spill. My job was to neutralize birds that were too far […]

It is what it is…

  By Marc Chayer CARIBOU! This one word has come to personify what is perceived to be the single largest threat to a key industry in our region. On Thursday night I, like a lot of people, attended a meeting to hear what the reasoning was for a new Caribou range plan. The panel in […]

Welcome back to 2013: the return of the Mike Duffy expense scandal

  By Laura Bohnert We all thought the expense controversy died out when Harper got ousted, but now Mike Duffy is seeking damages for his high-profile investigation and eventual suspension over the expenses trial. It all began in 2008, when then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper advised that Mike Duffy be named a Prince Edward Island representative […]

It is what it is…

  By Marc Chayer   October 16, 2017!   Folks, the date above has been set for the Alberta municipal elections.   I am proud to announce that I am considering, maybe even thinking seriously, about throwing my hat into the ring possibly seeking a seat as a county councillor in Woodlands County!   Now, […]

Dear Editor,

    In my last letter to the editor I suggested that the NDP government of Alberta could continue to have the support of Alberta’s parents, grandparents, and parents-to-be if this government could find a way to become more financially responsible. To assist the NDP government to achieve that objective, I suggested that the segment […]

Let’s blame the NDP

  That’s the motto for the Conservatives in Alberta. Time and again we hear their would-be leaders as well as many of the rank and file blame the NDP for everything that is wrong in our province. So, let’s just look at a couple of these things. The Conservatives blame the NDP for all the […]

Your forest industry needs your help, Whitecourt!

Dear Editor,   The Alberta Government refuses to lift the moratorium on harvesting in the Little Smoky Range which has already resulted in a loss of harvesting jobs and will continue to threaten more jobs by limiting the volume and cost of fibre available to the forest industry in the area. In a recent response […]

Does wisdom come with age?

Dear Editor, The saying goes that wisdom does come with age or as someone once put it: “We get too soon old and too late smart.” I remember as a younger person, I was very unworldly and ignorant (uninformed) of far too many things. But, with age and experience, one can’t help but become more […]

Blackmore and Oler found guilty of polygamy

Dear Editor, In case you haven’t heard, Winston Blackmore and James Oler of Bountiful, BC have been found guilty of polygamy (multiple wives) in a court in BC. Blackmore and Oler are appealing, not the verdict, they admit to having multiple wives but whether it is illegal or not. Blackmore and Oler are taking the […]

Dear Editor,

Honestly mistaken There is a saying that I like to use: When one who is honestly mistaken learns the truth, he or she either stops being mistaken or stops being honest. Remember that line in “A Few Good Men” when Jack Nicholson said, “You can’t handle the truth”? Well, a lot of people don’t want […]

The facts on the Omar Khadr payout

  By Laura Bohnert On July 7, the Canadian government released an apology to Omar Khadr—an apology that has been alleged to be accompanied by a $10.5 million compensation payout. It’s a decision that has renewed controversy in a longstanding divisive issue that weighs the legalities of war crimes against legal human rights. Now 30, […]

Dear Editor,

Why we should vote No Firstly, I want to say that the reason I am writing this is because there has been very little allowed to be said regarding any opposition the PC takeover of the Wild Rose party.  Therefore, this is just to balance the information/propaganda. Reason #1: When we formed the new right […]

Jabs—professional or childish?

  By Laura Bohnert   Politics have taken an interesting turn over the past few years. No one can deny that this is true of the past year in the US, but even in Canada, there seems to have been an interesting shift in the way political campaigns are conducted. Instead of political leaders focusing […]

It is what it is…

  By Marc Chayer In what must be the single most jaw-dropping move yet in a long line of stupid moves, our fearless leader, Prime Minister Zoolander hands out an apology and $10.5 million to a convicted terrorist. What makes it even better, he has the announcement made after he leaves four days early for […]

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