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It is what it is…

  By Marc Chayer   Tick, tock. That’s the sound you can hear in the offices of the NDP government in Alberta. But, first let’s go back to the days of our last Conservative government. At the time we had a government seemingly tone deaf to the public feeling I, for one, was one of […]

It is what it is…

  By Marc Chayer CAUTION: This is going to be a rant! Driving! It’s a privilege, not a right. How many times have we heard this? Yet daily we are witness to how many utterly stupid people travel on our roads? In contemplating this week’s column, I was thinking of the different ideas I could […]

It is what it is…

  By Marc Chayer In recent times we have watched the world news to witness the phenomenon of “migrants” fleeing the Middle East for a better life. Since the last federal election the word “migrant” has been replaced by “refugee.” In the US, we saw how the immigration issue became key in deciding who would […]

It is what it is…

  By Marc Chayer In past issues of this paper we have seen brief news reports about the Royal Canadian Air Cadets here in Whitecourt. In reading these, I am sure people have often looked at the article as a “human interest” story which, in itself, is not a bad thing. However, what is missed […]

Expressing dissent with physical threats—are we breeding a terrorist civilization?

  By Laura Bohnert On May 24, 2015, Alberta voted for change. In an election that expected the NDP to take opposition to a PC government, Alberta voted in the first NDP government in the province’s history—and the first non- Conservative premier since 1971. However, it wouldn’t be long for the then-shiny-and-new premier to start […]

It is what it is…

  By Marc Chayer   Recently I attended a local meeting where first, I was surprised by the number of people in attendance and secondly, by who was represented. The meeting focused on local business challenges and I heard some key issues brought forward that many in this community probably never think about how it […]

Dear Premier Notley,

  Can we believe it? It is 2017 – it is hoped that this New Year will be good to all of us. First of all, I would like to thank you for your letter of October 11, 2016. It is a remarkable letter. It covers a wide range of issues with detail and provides […]

They Just Don’t Get It

  How did the NDP get a majority gov’t in Alberta in the last election?  This is a major question, especially with the latest news concerning a merger between the pc and WR parties.  Primarily there were four factors.  One: many Albertans were tired of the pc propaganda, knew the truth, and wanted something better; […]

The sudden immigration ban—why it matters to all of us

  By Laura Bohnert If you thought President Donald Trump’s first few weeks in office would be quiet, you thought wrong. He’s already created quite the global commotion with new executive orders and newly broken agreements that directly impact a minimum of 9 other countries. Where does all the controversy centre? On the wall—I mean, […]

Does building a wall actually work?

  By Laura Bohnert It’s 2017, Donald Trump is the president of the United States, and everyone has one question rolling about in the back of their skulls: is he really going to build a wall? It was a campaign announcement that seemed absurd—until it wasn’t anymore—but how absurd of an idea is it to […]

Everything you need to know about the carbon tax

  By Laura Bohnert The crunch was on before the arrival of 2017. The imminence of a carbon tax that was expected to drive oil and gas prices up at its advent had people taking to the streets in the most Mad Max of fashions: road warriors fighting their way through the lineups of war […]

Loving murderers and blaming monsters: how the victim gets caught in the crossfire

  By Laura Bohnert There are a lot of grey areas involved when it comes to defining the line between good and bad. It’s an occurrence that is best exemplified by Robin Hood: even criminal behaviour be heroic when it is performing a vigilante justice that is deemed somehow commendable. But it’s hard to comprehend […]

Is it happy holidays, merry Christmas, best of the season…what are we supposed to say?

  By Laura Bohnert Merry Christmas—wait, Happy Hannuka? Happy holidays? A festive greeting to you during this season of many events? Happy commercialization of definitive religious moments? Happy Festivus? We’ve all been there. Whether you are saying a farewell over the phone to a client or are passing a familiar face in the grocery store, […]

What does progress look like when it comes to the pipelines?

  By Laura Bohnert The oil and gas industry in Alberta is celebrating a small success following the federal approval of two new pipeline projects. Plans for the Trans Mountain and Line 3 Pipelines have been approved by the Trudeau government, and the potential those projects introduce into Alberta’s industries carries a lot of weight […]

Carbon Tax

  I laugh at all the naïve people (I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt) who are blaming the NDP on the upcoming carbon tax.  Before I go any further, let me state emphatically that I don’t agree with any carbon tax, especially if it is a cap and trade. Yes, the NDP are […]

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