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Welcome back to 2013: the return of the Mike Duffy expense scandal

  By Laura Bohnert We all thought the expense controversy died out when Harper got ousted, but now Mike Duffy is seeking damages for his high-profile investigation and eventual suspension over the expenses trial. It all began in 2008, when then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper advised that Mike Duffy be named a Prince Edward Island representative […]

It is what it is…

  By Marc Chayer   October 16, 2017!   Folks, the date above has been set for the Alberta municipal elections.   I am proud to announce that I am considering, maybe even thinking seriously, about throwing my hat into the ring possibly seeking a seat as a county councillor in Woodlands County!   Now, […]

The facts on the Omar Khadr payout

  By Laura Bohnert On July 7, the Canadian government released an apology to Omar Khadr—an apology that has been alleged to be accompanied by a $10.5 million compensation payout. It’s a decision that has renewed controversy in a longstanding divisive issue that weighs the legalities of war crimes against legal human rights. Now 30, […]

Jabs—professional or childish?

  By Laura Bohnert   Politics have taken an interesting turn over the past few years. No one can deny that this is true of the past year in the US, but even in Canada, there seems to have been an interesting shift in the way political campaigns are conducted. Instead of political leaders focusing […]

Child brides and slavery….in Canada

  By Laura Bohnert It’s no secret that forced marriages and selling child brides into slavery are horrible acts—we often hear the horror stories coming from overseas—but what many don’t realize, as they wrap up their Canada 150 celebrations, is that it’s happening right here in our own backyard, too. The fact that there are […]

Terror attacks on London: What we know so far

  By Laura Bohnert England has been a target for violence of late, with recent attacks at the London Bridge and Borough Market, the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, and in Westminster. A total of 33 people have been killed in the past three months as a result of terror attacks that have targeted specific […]

So, this isn’t the end of the world, then?

  By Laura Bohnert Believe it or not, the world is safer than ever—even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. With today’s social media pumping out news headline after news headline—whether fake or real, clickbait or top news story—we are being continuously infiltrated by the bleakness that appears to be our global outlook. […]

Theresa May – a situation update

  By Laura Bohnert There’s nothing like the topic of terrorism to distort the polls—although Trump might be a close runner up. Both seem to be working to UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s advantage, though. Theresa May has been experiencing a trending drop in the polls of late, spurred on by the mass registration of […]

So, how’s that carbon tax working out so far?

  By Laura Bohnert The Alberta budget was announced by Finance Minister Joe Ceci earlier this month, but despite the role the carbon levy is expected to play in the generation of $5.4 billion that will be put towards Alberta’s growing deficit, no mention was made of the carbon tax during the speech. Is this […]

Popularity contest: who were Alberta’s most popular premiers, and why?

  By Laura Bohnert The approval ratings are in, and it isn’t looking so great for Canada’s Premiers. Across the nation, only two premiers have earned the approval of more than half the respondents in their respective provinces—Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall received the highest approval rating at 52 per cent, and Manitoba’s Brian Pallister was in […]

What it means to live in North Korea

  By Laura Bohnert   It seems almost everyone is on edge about North Korea right now as Trump continues to push tensions further and further—despite warnings about what this provocation might lead to—but what about the North Koreans in all of this? What’s it like living in the middle of what is probably the […]

Why is our Premier fighting with Brad Wall?

  By Laura Bohnert Our Prime Minister is (jokingly) challenging former Friends star Matthew Perry to a fight, and our Premier is ready to tear Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall a new one: forget our “peacekeeping” roots; it looks like Canadian politics is headed for the boxing ring instead. Granted, Canada’s political turmoil looks mild compared […]

Trump vs Syria—recapping the latest attack

  By Laura Bohnert Following Tuesday’s deadly chemical bombing of a rebel-held part of Northern Syria, Khan Sheikhoun, the United States has launched a military strike on Syrian government airbase Shayrat Airfield. It is believed that the chemical bombing used the nerve agent sarin, killing at least 70 people (many of them children) and injuring […]

Canada—the failed peacekeeper?

  By Laura Bohnert Peacekeeping extends well back into Canada’s history; it’s the foundation of our national identity—we are a peacekeeping country; it’s one of the core components of what Canada reputedly is, tying into our painstaking politeness and apologetic hospitality. But are we really the peacekeepers we’ve made ourselves out to be, or are […]

It is what it is…

  By Marc Chayer In past issues of this paper we have seen brief news reports about the Royal Canadian Air Cadets here in Whitecourt. In reading these, I am sure people have often looked at the article as a “human interest” story which, in itself, is not a bad thing. However, what is missed […]

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