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US attack on Syria In Retaliation to Syrian Use of Chemical Weapons

  I am skeptical.  Here’s why:  Remember the non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq that led to the war in Iraq?  And before that it was the non-existent attack by N. Viet Nam on a US war ship that led to the war in Viet Nam.  So, we have a history of the US […]

Dear Premier Notley,

  Can we believe it? It is 2017 – it is hoped that this New Year will be good to all of us. First of all, I would like to thank you for your letter of October 11, 2016. It is a remarkable letter. It covers a wide range of issues with detail and provides […]

They Just Don’t Get It

  How did the NDP get a majority gov’t in Alberta in the last election?  This is a major question, especially with the latest news concerning a merger between the pc and WR parties.  Primarily there were four factors.  One: many Albertans were tired of the pc propaganda, knew the truth, and wanted something better; […]

Carbon Tax

  I laugh at all the naïve people (I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt) who are blaming the NDP on the upcoming carbon tax.  Before I go any further, let me state emphatically that I don’t agree with any carbon tax, especially if it is a cap and trade. Yes, the NDP are […]

That’s how business gets done these days

  There is a law suit against Canada’s two major air carriers alluding that they colluded in bringing about the first bag baggage fee.  Apparently each business looks at what their competitor is doing and follows suit.  In this case, West Jet was the first Canadian air carrier to start charging for the first checked […]

Panama Papers Let’s talk about the Panama Papers. For those of you hiding from reality, the Panama Papers include a list of names of individuals and companies that have been hiding their money in off-shore, tax-free accounts. By definition, this would primarily be the 0.1 per centers and the one per center wanna-bees. These are […]

No end to greed

Dear Editor, Some time ago, I wrote about what I believed was the explanation to all those “this doesn’t make any sense” issues. I believe that if you apply my explanation to all those times, it will then make (I almost said ‘perfect’), sense. Here is how I have it figured: everything is designed to […]

Dear Editor,

Mondays Journal (February 8, 2016) (Albertans say balancing provincial books no longer a priority poll) seems to indicate that Albertans recognize that our economy has deep, long-lasting problems. The president of Main Street Research (the originator of the poll for post media) said, “People just can’t imagine (now) when oil will be back to $100 […]

Be Careful what You Wish For

The low price for oil and the downturn in the economy have resulted in tens of thousands of lost jobs. Many people in our community are in financial difficulty as a result. Some will look to anything in hopes of finding a good job. When I first moved to Whitecourt, our local politicians were in […]

Alberta Samboree June 17 to 21, 2015 – Whitecourt

  It is with great pride that we could showcase your beautiful county and town to 350 guests and visitors from across western Canada. Your hospitality, warmth, and willingness to participate in our event left many of our members requesting we return again. On behalf of our local chapter, the Whitecourt Wanderers, our organizing committee […]

NDP seeking advice

Dear Editor; What a breath of fresh air. Our new NDP government is seeking advice from outside sources. The CEO of the Treasury Branches will head up a task force to look into royalty rates. Here’s some advice: Look at the Stelmach review. He had former oil company CEO’s on his panel. They know the […]

War declared in Alberta

Ever since the NDP government won the last election, the losing PCs have attacked them endlessly. Reading comments to news stories reveals that the fear mongering that went on during the election is nothing compared to what has occurred since. But something even more obvious has recently happened. On Friday, June 12, the price of […]

Gouging at Pumps Continues

As I watch the price at the gas pumps continue to rise, I am left to wonder about a couple of things: Our current price of $1.069/L reflects about $100 to $110/bbl based on history including the value of our Canadian dollar. This, of course, proves there is collusion and price fixing at the pumps. […]

Dear Editor,

The last letter to the editor regarding the ‘1 in 100 year’ Flood Hazard Study for Whitecourt – Woodlands was dated April 7, 2015. It was emailed to the three local newspapers. That letter noted that the flood hazard study presented by the River Forecast Section of ESRD not be accepted mostly because the engineered […]

Dear Editor,

The Whitecourt flood mapping draft November 2014 is a single page document which shows the floodway and the flood fringe of a ‘1 in a 100 year’ flood event. The majority of the Town of Whitecourt west of a line running through the IGA parking lot and the east part of Rotary Park is under […]

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