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Cruz and Chase Wheeler are Snow Stars and you can be one too!


The Town of Whitecourt Snow Star program is looking for more people to join them in their mission of helping clear walkways and driveways, of elderly and disabled homeowners, around the community.  Simply by signing up through the Allan & Jean Millar Centre, volunteers, aged 12 and up, will be matched up with a local address to take care of throughout the winter.

Brothers, Cruz and Chase Wheeler, are two volunteers and are taking care of a homeowner up on Blueberry Drive.  Each time it snows, they pop over to clear the driveway so that the resident doesn’t have to worry about caring for it on their own.

Their mother, Sharon Wheeler said that this program was exactly what they were looking for.  “We were looking for a way to give back to the community and we were kind of specifically looking at the elders or disabled.”  After a search on Facebook, some friends pointed her in the direction of the Snow Star program.  “We have well-abled children” laughed Sharon, “so we can completely help out in this way.”

Watching from the end of the driveway, as her children made quick work of the area, Sharon said it was a proud moment.  “I’m very proud of these kids.  On a day like today, I’m sure they would rather be playing video games or hanging out at the AJMC with their friends, but they are committed to this and they follow through.  It hits me right in the feelers and definitely makes me feel good.”

The boys said it makes them feel good too.  “It’s good to help the community.  And for the homeowner to know that they won’t have to go out in the cold.  We do it, so they don’t have to” said Cruz.  He also added that he hopes to see more people joining the program.  “We hope that more people come out to do the same thing and volunteer like this.”

Younger brother, Chase, agrees.  “It’s definitely some good karma to know you are doing a good thing for the community and the elderly.  When they were younger, they probably would’ve done the same thing for us.”  To become a Snow Star and feel good about doing some extra outdoor exercise, while making someone else’s life easier, call the AJMC at 780-778-3637 ext. 417 and speak to program coordinator Fay Arcand.

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