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Too hot, too cold, global warming, coming ice age… facts or fakes? I encountered the word pollution first in the early 1 970s while helping to clean up the English Bay beach in Vancouver, BC of the first big oil spill. My job was to neutralize birds that were too far gone. I used the twist-knack method. It wasn’t a pretty sight with oil-covered birds gasping for air.


At the same time hair spray was the culprit for air pollution (remember Farrah?). Following was the whole gamut of things: gases, and deeds to the present carbon monoxide, (C02) etc. I never understood what made cows farting so dangerous. Why were cows put so much into the foreground when the whole creation from small bacteria to the apex animals poo pooed and belched happily along. What happens when after a bit more warming the Arctic areas start releasing the soil-bound methane and the ocean floor methane nodules start gasifying? Could make C02 nearly obsolete? If C02 is so dangerous why do we pump it into greenhouses to increase production? Nature loves C02.


The explanation for global warming – and warming it is – lies outside our local planet. Some facts: our planet Earth is warming and so are all the other planets, moons, satellites, and other objects in our solar system. Our sun is the most affected.


Earth turns 1,000 miles per hour, we travel around the sun 69,000 miles per hour, and our solar system travels around the galaxy at 490,000 miles per hour. There are other related speeds but it shows that we are never in space at the same place twice. Not in this universe age any way.


In the last two decades, we entered a very active energy cloud region happening. More energy means more and stronger frequencies and other unknown phenomena. Each planet has other things happen to them. Science estimates that we will exit this region in the cosmos in approximately three decades. Higher frequencies mean higher molecular friction meaning heat. No molecular movement means absolute zero. Pretty cold.


On Earth, we might be well advised to quit looking for reasons we understand and accept the fact that is extra-terrestrial. It affects us physically, mentally, and spiritually. All we can do is get better prepared, albeit late, since we are in that process for a while already.


This doesn’t mean to stop cleaning up this planet or look for better energy sources.


What a diamond (pure carbon) on a woman’s hand has to do with global warming is beyond my comprehension. Neither is a new tax called carbon. In Alberta, this tax should be named: “because we gave our best resources away tax.”



Olaf Sieslony Fort Assini boine















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