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Ending the summer with Arts in the Park

The final installment of this year’s Arts in the Park took place on August 23 at Rotary Park. Though a bit of rain came down and mosquitoes came out to play, plenty of residents were still able to take part in the festivities.

Courtney Milford, the Arts and Culture Co-ordinator for the Town of Whitecourt, was enjoying the event alongside everyone else. “It was fantastic! Even with the rain, it was still a great evening. The food vendors were a big hit and the music was really good.”  The artisan market was also popular with many different vendors from pottery to jewelry, artwork, face painting, henna tattoos, and everything in between.

Several different bands took to the mic under the pavilion including The Beauty and the Beats, Midnite Special, and the Whitecourt Community Band. “Having the community band perform was very cool,” said Courtney. At one point, Midnite Special even had the wave going with spectators which gave everyone a good laugh.

New this year was a specialty act armed with spray paint and a large wooden billboard.  AJ Louden, a graffiti artist, created an amazing masterpiece featuring the words “Rotary Park Whitecourt” on one side and a variety of different things on the other including a guitar, microphone, leaves, and fireworks. “I’m excited that we get to keep it,” exclaimed Courtney, speaking of the artwork that AJ made. It will be used at future events as an extra special decoration.

To end the night, a gigantic inflatable movie screen was set up in the soccer pitch area and everyone was invited to bring along a chair, blanket, and bug repellent to watch ‘The Sandlot’. Those who stayed were not only treated to a great movie but also to some extras including lightning off to the far side and even a little of the Northern Lights.

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