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Family Fun Night a hit at Central School

Every year, the School Council at Central School puts on a Family Fun Night. Over the years, the fun night has changed from being a game night to being a dance, but no matter what, the same idea of getting families out to have fun together has remained the top priority. This year’s event was held on March 10 at the school.

Head organizer Joanne Dickson credits all the volunteers for putting in time to make it happen and mentioned that this year they had a special group helping, too. “We got the older kids that have left Central to come back and help which has been great.” Parents also donated goodies for the cake parade/walk. Cakes and cupcakes lined tables and children put their name in for a chance to win one.

Stations were set up all over the gym floor with fun games including toilet paper toss, ring toss, putt-putt golf, a snowball throw and, of course, hockey. “The favourite is the balloon darts. Kids absolutely love that,” said Joanne who so happened to be blowing up balloons to keep the dart station stocked as the line ahead continued to get longer and longer.

One of the many children waiting to take a shot was 11-year-old Thomas Stewart who said that being able to have fun with his parents at his school, was really fun. “I like it because I can play games and win prizes,” said Thomas.

On the other side of the gym at a ping pong game siblings Lucas and Grace Boudreau were having a blast with their mom. Lucas said his favourite game was the toilet paper toss because, “I liked to use toilet paper the opposite way.” His sister Grace said she really liked the balloon dart game and credited her determination as key to winning her prizes.

“It’s about getting families out together and interacting with their kids, playing games, and having fun,” said Joanne who is in her ninth year of volunteering at Central. “It’s all about fun.”

Assistant Principal Tim Bowman was walking around during the evening calling out prize winners on the mic and chatting with students. When asked the best part about the night, Mr. Bowman said, “It’s families. You’ve got moms and dads with their kids interacting and just enjoying that they’ve got a really good school to be a part of.”

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