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It is what it is…


By Marc Chayer


Canadian media!

What is going on with main stream media and the absolute addiction to all things Trump? In a country where we have Zoolander as the prime minster coupled with Notley as premier you would think we have enough here to talk about in media circles.

Yet, despite the best efforts of both Trudeau and Notley to screw things up, run huge deficits and basically trash the economy, Canadian media remains focused on the US president and his tweets.

Now I know this is important. I mean, what the US does day-to-day has a direct effect on us north of the border. For that matter, it would be great if maybe the media focused on the important issues as opposed to what Trump ate for breakfast.

Last week I saw a report from the billion dollar (taxpayer-funded) media empire we call the CBC that commented on the fact that Trudeau was wearing Star Wars socks! First of all, is this news and, really, who cares? The guy is an idiot on his best day and unless he has someone write him a script, you are more likely to get a coherent sentence out of a toddler at the local preschool class than this guy.

Media has made the decision that they need to support Trudeau as opposed to the chance that we may want to elect another Conservative. They fear a Canadian version of Trump and what it would mean to them. Media in its own right can mold the focus of public opinion and, with Trudeau on top, they are pretty safe.

The issue is, however, that real people don’t care what Trump is up to. They want to hear what it is their government is going to do to fix the issues. If Trump wants to talk about softwood lumber, then we need to hear from the feds what the plan is going forward.

Trudeau in his infinite wisdom screwed up right out of the gate when he went to Washington to meet with Obama. Here was a chance to get some deals done but instead we were treated with the “bromance” of Obama and Trudeau. Our little drama teacher was betting on Clinton winning and he bet wrong. From Day One we were on the outside looking in with the new US president who, if I can guess right, looks at Trudeau as a lightweight nuisance who isn’t worth the time.

Canadian media needs to do what the role of media is in a democracy: hold government to account for the action or lack thereof they are taking as it relates to real issues. The lovefest between media and Trudeau can only go on for a short period of time before you and I force the issue.

Yeah, I know. Trump is certainly a different kind of president but Trudeau and Notley aren’t even close to what we need, either.

Canadian media, let’s get it together. You wouldn’t want anyone up here to start saying that you are in the fake news business, eh? Nice socks!

It is what it is…



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