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It is what it is…


By Marc Chayer

CAUTION: This is going to be a rant!

Driving! It’s a privilege, not a right. How many times have we heard this? Yet daily we are witness to how many utterly stupid people travel on our roads?

In contemplating this week’s column, I was thinking of the different ideas I could write about but as I drove into town, I was given examples of morons who somehow have been given a license to drive. Problem solved… I know what I’m going to write about.

Coming down Highway 32 South towards Whitecourt I was following another truck at a reasonable distance through the wind and snow. This was unfortunate for the idiot behind us who must have discovered the cure for cancer as he absolutely had to pass on a solid line. The only issue with the reckless passing is 1) he did not see the guy in front of me, 2) he did not see the semi coming around the corner, and 3) he had nowhere to go!

Three days of snow and apparently he has to risk everyone on the road to get somewhere that is just so important as to almost kill himself and those around him. Of course, as we approach town, guess what? He is a total of six feet ahead of me waiting to merge into traffic.

Calming down, I decide to get a coffee on my way to work. I pull out and proceed down the street and as I pass by the card lock, here comes another clown losing control on the corner. With wheels turned hard to the right and his brakes full on, he is doing his best impression of the Jamaican Bobsled team. I am forced to take evasive actions swerving to miss him as he narrowly misses me and hits the curb in the opposing lane. Was speed a factor? Yes, coupled with a lack of intelligence. Two idiots in bad weather in 10 minutes!

Every day we see moms taking kids to school on the same roads. Every day we see pedestrians crossing the street, everyday someone you know and love is out there with those who seemingly could care less because it won’t happen to them. If driving like an idiot is something you think is okay, then maybe you need to understand some things.

Your average motor vehicle has 1,800 moving parts. With that, it has 4,500 to 4,800 welds. At 100 km/h, you will cover 26 metres a second or the lengths of two semi-trailers. Of course, while travelling at this speed we expect you to check your “Snapchat” because the moose that is about to walk out in front of you cares that your buddy won tickets to the Oilers.

Speak to some of those who travel on area highways for work and they can tell you of close calls or outright collisions that have taken place where people are killed for no other reason than to check their phones.

Speak to emergency responders and the Stupid Club takes on a whole new dimension. They get to see just what kind of damage is caused by those who think that driving like a tool is okay. Last year, one person was killed each and every day. Another 50 were seriously injured.

If you are looking to be a moron, please drive into the bush and get it done. However, on the road we demand you put on a brain. My wife and child are the most important things in my life. Hurt them, and you will never know peace another day in your life!

If you see this group of heroes on the roads call the RCMP and let them know where and which way they are going; you may just save a life.

It is what it is…





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