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St. Mary School’s Rainbow World

The students of St. Mary School held their annual Spring Concert on April 4 and 5 continuing a tradition that has been happening for the past 11 years under the tutelage of music teacher Maureen Ulliac.

Themed, It’s a Rainbow World, the show featured lots of colours from the costumes to the songs. The concert opened with a prayer then the mixed choir jumped right into its bit performing God is Never Late, The Winter Wind, and Shake the Papaya Down.

All the grades took their turn on the stage, giving it their all for the crowd filled with proud parents and friends. Some children sang while others played instruments such as drums. Others did both, singing and playing along. One of the highlights of the afternoon, literally, was the 3S class as it performed a black light number to the tune Fireflies. With their white gloves and black attire, the students performed using only their hands to tell a story. They worked in unison creating shapes and never once lost their spot in the song. Needless to say, it was very impressive!

The 3A and 3G classes closed out the show with a big drum solo using tubs and sticks to rock out to an instrumental version of Free Ride. They did a fantastic job keeping the beat. One peek out into the audience was all the proof needed on how entertaining it was as toes were tapping along to the rhythm.

With such a big show to put on and lots of practice needed leading up to it, Maureen said the best part is the smile on each student’s face when they perform. “The smiles when they see their parents in the audience and how proud they are of what they’ve accomplished on the stage. They are so happy and excited to be up there,” she said, adding “that makes all the hard work absolutely worthwhile.”

The students should be very proud of themselves for putting on a fantastic show. Great job!


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