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UCP already out of touch


The renamed PC Party of Alberta appears to still be out of touch with ordinary Albertans. First, there was the breakaway Alberta Alliance Party that morphed into the Wild Rose Party. Then, two anointed premier hopefuls in a row (Dinning and Mar) were defeated by those pesky grass roots PC members. Then, the unheard of happened.  The NDP formed a majority and the PC party was relegated to third party status.

I still can’t get my head around the NDP majority. The PCs have done a great job brainwashing Albertans into thinking they, and only they, can rule Alberta. But, years of fiscal mismanagement and empty promises finally caught up to them and the people they have ignored for decades sent them to the hinterland.

Then came a not-so-subtle takeover of the Wild Rose (the second attempt seemed to work better than the first). But, still they haven’t learned their lesson. All the polls suggested Brian Jean had the support of considerably more Albertans than Jason Kenny did. But the powers behind the PCs/UCP wouldn’t listen and using their considerable blue machine, got Kenny elected as the leader of the UCP. So much for a grass roots party!

On top of that, they also put their support behind Calgary mayoralty hopeful Bill Smith.  There, too, the people spoke and Nenshi was re-elected. They just don’t get it!

And now, there is a new upstart Conservative Party in Alberta. The Alberta Advantage Party (not yet an official party) has adopted the old Wild Rose constitution and policies.  Made up of loyal party members who voted against the takeover by the PCs, the AAP proves that the UCP is not as united as they would have you believe. It will be interesting to see how many members move to the Alberta Party or the AAP.

Furthermore, the Kenny machine is moving forward in Kenny fashion and even the Jonas of the WRP has decided to step away from the limelight (stepped or pushed?). After handing the WRP to the PCs on a silver platter, Brian Jean is moving closer to retirement by turning down any shadow cabinet positions. Having been bypassed as both party leader and then the seemingly obvious interim UCP leader, Jean says he will be spending more time with family and constituents. Full retirement cannot be far behind.

And Jason Kenny?  With the blue machine behind him, he has wasted no time going on the attack, just like the PC Party of old. Using half-truths and falsehoods, he is blaming the current government for all the mistakes and inadequacies of the old PC Party. Even though the downturn started under the PC watch, it is all, apparently, the NDP’s fault.  Kenny and the UCP pretend they are a new party and they don’t have to take responsibility for their past.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig!

Eugene Eklund

Whitecourt, AB

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