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Whitecourt Blue Dolphins are ready to compete for 2017

The Blue Dolphins are back in the pool for another season! May 1-4 was Rookie Week which gives kids the opportunity to try out the sport without a commitment and only paying one dollar a day to test the waters, so to speak.

Head Coach Alice Boll says Rookie Week also gives them a chance to evaluate the kids and determine which group to put them in. “If a swimmer is more advanced then we have the opportunity to put them in a group that fits them a little bit better with their skill sets.”

Though the first week can be a bit chaotic as new swimmers mix with returning ones, Alice said they start developing basic skills right from day one. “Things like good body position in the water and the basic skills that we are going to build on for the rest of the season.”

As part of the Summer Swimmers Association of Alberta, the club is a great way to have competitive swimming for kids who only swim in the summer.  “The world of competitive swimming runs year-round but we don’t actually have that in Whitecourt right now. The summer swimming is its own competitive thing which is perfect for kids who want to play hockey or other sports in the winter.”

The Blue Dolphins swimmers are wide ranging in terms of age with the youngest member being four and the oldest being adult. It’s also a very lenient sport which is great for families that want to be able to go on vacation during the summer or be able to have a schedule that isn’t rigid.  “You do as much or as little as you want. So, if your kid doesn’t want to come four days a week or it doesn’t work for your family, then you come two or three days instead. And, if you want to take a weekend off to go somewhere like camping, then you do that. It’s totally okay.”

Swimmers can still join the club but will not have the opportunity to try it out before committing. If your child is a fish and loves the water, the Blue Dolphins might be a good fit. “Our requirement is that by the end of the first week, the swimmer is confident in going into the deep end to swim 25 metres. Does it look pretty? Not necessarily but we want to be able to have swimmers who are listening and ready to participate in our activities,” said Alice.

For details on the club, fundraisers (a $3,000 travel voucher is currently up for grabs), or becoming a sponsor for a meet, check out



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