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Whitecourt Community Band members are gearing up for a busy March


The Whitecourt Community Band is made up of like-minded individuals ranging from children to adults who love music and enjoy playing together as a group. They are welcoming to a variety of different instruments and, whether you played in high school and haven’t touched an instrument since or you still play regularly, they would love to have you join them.

The band started last year under Tim Bowman, past assistant-principal of Central School, and had roughly 20 members. When Tim moved away from Whitecourt in the fall his position as conductor was filled by Cindy Richardson. On Sunday, February 4, eight of the 20+ members were able to dig their way out of the snow just in time for rehearsal at Percy Baxter School.

Last summer the group performed during Arts in the Park at Rotary and this past Christmas the members performed for residents at Spruce View Lodge. They also collaborated with the Whitecourt Community Choir for a concert, too. The band is currently practicing for the upcoming Whitecourt Rotary Music Festival and the Percy Baxter Arts Showcase, both of which are held in March.

Since it has a low time commitment with only meeting once a week and running for only 10 weeks, the Whitecourt Community Band is certainly an option for music lovers who already have full schedules. “Everybody is welcome to join the band. We will be playing every Sunday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. until about the end of March,” explained Cindy. It’s also a great option for children who have attended Percy Baxter and want to continue with a music program.

“Kids in Percy Baxter are finished in grade eight and there is no more band for them in Whitecourt after that. So, if you’re a grade eight student and you really happen to like band and you want to keep with it, then you would be fine to join us. If you used to play in school but you haven’t touched your instrument in 10 or 20 years, that’s fine, too.”

Don’t have an instrument but want to join? No problem! Cindy said there are plenty of instruments to use or borrow. She would love to see more musicians join up for trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone, bass clarinet, bass trombone, tuba, drums, and wind instruments, as well. “Don’t be intimidated. It’s a relatively small commitment. It’s only a couple of months and being a short-term thing, it’s doable for lots of people. The band is welcoming and non-threatening. Everyone laughs and has fun.” To learn more about the band visit the Facebook page, “Whitecourt Community Band.”



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